Change Your Story


When Plans, Failures, and Successes are a bad thing.

There is a story you tell yourself that is contributed by people who have surrounded you all your life.

The story of the plans of your parents for your life to be which is, in fact, the reflection of what their life didn’t become and YOU or your life is their second chance.  The biggest cover-up story is leading you to think it's actually your plan in life when in reality, you are the sequel.

The story of failures, by parents, alpha aunties and/or uncles, lolo’s or lola’s, with valuable lessons completely forgotten or did not really surface and/or acted upon. Failures never “try-ed again” on and was not creatively solved or is used to solve the next similar problem or a long-term problem which could have been the “thing” that completely changed your life if only the golden lessons surfaced.

The story of the successes that were passed on to the next generation which is, unfortunately, YOU being the next generation to catch the flu.

Successes as flu? Yes.

There are success stories that worked in their era that is instilled into your DNA but does not work into your own era or the current state of the nation.  But you stick to it—to that success story and you hold onto it hoping something good will come of it because your grandfather or father did it and they were successful.

Of course, these stories are coming from good intentions and passed on, instilled in or forced into your DNA with love.


And this is a big but.

What worked before may not necessarily work today and what worked today may not necessarily work tomorrow.

There is only the present and what will work today for sure will only be a product of planning, testing (OUT with the sands & stones and IN with the golden nugget) and trying again (try agad-immediately) and never giving up.

Backed up with a lot of prayers that the thing you are trying to achieve will hold up.

Change your story.

Start with careful study or you can say imagining or planning.


Followed immediately with actions.


Have Passion and Perseverance Long Term.



Think—ing Grit. 

Which will be the title of my next blog post.


What do you think?


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