Do you know your “happy”?

Do you know your HAPPY?

This isn’t wrong grammar or an incorrect use of an apostrophe.  I really meant—do you know your “happy”.

For “happy” is a state of being, a feeling when you are with someone or something, the excitement of doing something you love to do, and maybe something you do meaningfully for others.

But the secret is… NOT the pursuit of happiness.

The secret is not to pursue happiness, the secret lies upon the reason why you are.

Happiness is already inside of you. Know the reason ‘why’ you are and then focus on that.

If family time makes you happy, build a life around your family,

If meaningful work makes you happy, find time to have meaningful work. Even if it sometimes eat up family time.

If service to others is your cup of tea, then build your life with that foundation. As simple as volunteering weekly or complicated as setting up your own non-profit company.

Know you and what is the reason you are happy.

If doing less makes you happy, then do that— but do know you will have difficulty with that—yet if it is still the reason you are happy then who am I to judge that.  I understand or should I say I should understand.

I do not know your “happy”.

But the question is do you?

Do you know your HAPPY?

What do you think?


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