How to be YOU po?

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The answer is you can never be me, so STOP trying.
I am the result of my parent's combined genes, my parent's upbringing, my environment and my beliefs. 
I am happy because of my failures because I’ve learned so much from them.
I am happy for my successes because I know I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into them. 
I am happy because I am me and I am unique.
Although I have changed so much since my darker days.
Changed by circumstances or changed by my own doing.  
I am not perfect.
I constantly try to eliminate bad habits and struggle to put in good ones. 
And I am still struggling but I am happy. 
I am perfectly happy to be me. 
How to be you? You ask. 
You can't.  
And I am not bragging because when I say "You can never be me" it is just as true as saying "I can never be you."
You are unique as I am.
With failures and successes as unique as I have.
Struggling to learn on failures and constantly fighting to grow.  
Remember you are unique!

And the only thing you can do that's for sure will make you happier than you can ever be is to be you. 

Be happy, my friend. 

Be you. 



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