How to Please everybody

You cannot please everybody…

Yeah! you do!

By focusing on the simple things you can do for people without waiting for anything in return.
Every time I bump into anyone, more often I ask them or they ask me 
“How are you? Of course, we are all just being polite. 
Usually, everybody else would default to
“I’m fine, thank you.”
and counter it with 
“How about you?”
I do it differently.  I answer to them “Everything is awesome!” with so much gusto and a huge smile on my face and oftentimes they get startled. 
If they’ve watched the Lego Movie, they will sing the contagious song 
?”Everything is awesome?
everything’s cool if you’re part of a team.? 
?Everything is awesome, ?if you’re living your dream.?”
And I’d follow mid-chorus. 
My goal is I get to liven up their day no matter if they are having the best day ever of the worst day at the start of their shift, in the middle or at the end. 
You can try to please everyone. 
But problems do exist. There will be people that are having a bad month, a bad week or a bad day even before we bump into each other. 
And usually, you will feel it immediately. 
They do not respond to your “Everything is awesome” with a big smile on your face, the way you want them to. 
I have empathy with that.  It happens to me as well. 
When that happens I go to my Plan B. 
Please that someone with a hug and a person having a bad day usually will hug back.  But if they ask “Why are you hugging me? I answer, “I just felt you need a hug and I actually need one, too!” with empathy in my voice. 
But if they still do not respond and is still grumpy.  I know when to back off but I will still try again tomorrow. 
Let me give you a real-life example. 
I perform at Hong Kong Disneyland day and night parade.  Performers don’t get to wait for the reaction of the audience if they will be pleased or not.  We just do it no matter they smile or don’t smile back.
You too can smile to everyone, literally everyone.
Not everyone will smile back. 
You give it unconditionally.  Smile to a known grumpy person every day for 30-40 days then on day 41…
smiling yet again.  
This is a one-way track.
The goal is to scream positivity.  That’s it. 
Negativity is loud already. 
Let’s scream positivity.
I get more joy getting people to tell me I have changed their day by making them smile before their shift starts. 
Or making their day awesome just by me telling them my day is.  
You Can Please Everybody by not waiting if they’d be pleased or not and focusing on just pleasing them then not caring how they will react. 
I please because I want to.  And it feels really, really good.
Try it!  Be that person who spreads positivity because being negative is just normal.  Be unique and go against the flow.
Tell me how it changed the way you look at life.  Put in the comment section the specifics of what happened?
I am really interested to know.
You can do it, right?

“People pleasing is a gift, nurture it.”
–Gary Vaynerchuk 

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