How to Stay as an OFW for a very, very ,very Long Time

3 Surefire Ways to Stay as an OFW for a very, very, very long time. 

1.  Be Extravagant

First salary is for a gold watch, a new iPhone, a new laptop, a new [fill in the blank].  Next month's salary is for travelling.  Next is for a fine dining restaurant and the following month is for your top most priority--the Triple (BBB) the Biggest Balikbayan Box for the entire clan. 

Tell yourself that you deserve the finer things in life.  You earn more money anyways (as compared to your Pilipinas salary) so might as well upgrade your lifestyle, right?  And while you are at it upgrade the lifestyle of your family in the Philippines, too. 

(end of sarcasm)

After you've realized that your salary is not suitable for getting the finer-things-in-life kind of lifestyle, then. . .

2.  Be in Debt.

You've now discovered your new found lifestyle.  It does not fit your salary.  That’s not right.  So instead of adjusting your lifestyle according to your salary, you adjust the money (not the salary) by getting a loan.  You know you will be able to pay it anyway. 

(I thought sarcasm ended already?)

After you filled up the gap to support your Lifestyle Inflation, then. . .

3.  Be Ordinary.  Do not learn new things.  Do not learn from past mistakes.  It’s scary, right?  Just stay average.

But don't forget to stay sweet as you are. 

(end of sarcasm, for real!)

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