3 Unbelievable Ways to Make a Habit

Have you tried every possible way to start a diet and actually do it? How about saving for that well deserved vacation at Maldives? (before it disappears) Exhausted that nothing works?   Try this??   Treat these ways as rules you need to follow and not as a guide. In this way you are motivated to actually do it.

Rule Number One

Do it Daily-Do Not Miss a Single Day. Studies show it takes 21 days to start a habit. Repeat it daily for 21 days then you can start calling that task a habit. No matter how easy or difficult the task you chose to make a habit, still do It daily.   The Key ? here is to actually start which is the hardest part. *if you miss a day, Re-start the day count and it’s day 1 all over again.   Start Now. Just Do It.  21 Quotes to Motivate You to Take Action

Rule Number Two

Do It Consistently-Don’t Ever Ever MISS Two.  In 21 days, the tasks starts being a habit but is still quite hard to do. Going the extra mile and stretch it out to 30 days means you surpassed your mark with flying colours. In an exam, we tend to go higher than the passing mark (75%). Same thing applies here. We don’t want to be just passing (75%). We want to get the perfect score (100%)   The key ? here is to build Momentum. Even if you stumble, get up, dust yourself off and try again. *Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry shot hoops before practice time and stayed up after practice to shoot hoops again. Practice makes perfect. There’s no cheating it.   Build Your Momentum.  30-Day Habit Challenge

Rule Number Three

Do It Without Stopping-Never Ever Give Up. Failure is defined as not try again. So try again. Further studies show that in 40 days, that’s where you can really call the task you started a habit. Doing it for just 10 more days and you can proudly announce to the world- I made a habit.   The Key ? here is to find Rhythm and make it easy for yourself.  When you build rhythm, even the most difficult of task will seem very easy to do. *When I started running everyday, I started with 10 minutes.  I feel like I will have a heart attack on day one.  Re-started 10 times (Day 1: for 10 times) Did that for 21days and it got easier and easier. I have learned how to pace myself. From Day 22-30, I stepped it up a notch and added another 10 minutes. In those 20 minute runs, day one was a bit hard but got easier and easier because I found my Rhythm. Then I did not stop.  I still run everyday.  For more 45-60 minutes a day.

Find Your Rhythm.  52 Week Task Challenge   Ever wonder who won in the greatest race in the animal kingdom? The Tortoise? or the Hare? Life is a marathon not a sprint.

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