Think-ING Grit

Think-ING Grit

( Know-Execute-Persevere with Passion)


Imagine a life doing what you always wanted to do. Simple or complicated.
Doing what makes you happy. May it be video games, origami, playing basketball, chess or even dancing. Whatever it is– just not dictated by anyone other than yourself. Be honest with yourself.
This will involve a lot of self-awareness.  Think.


Being aware that ‘you should be aware’ now is not stupid.
Read that☝? again and stop for a while…

Self-awareness is actually—the key.

KNOW what you want then put yourself in a position to succeed.

Don’t know where to start?
Try everything.



Execute what you said you would try. But when I say try, I don’t mean just try. I mean “DO”.

Star Wars Master Yoda

☝? From Master Yoda himself.
There is no try.

You already did your homework with the THINK part. It’s now time to execute.



There’s an entire book about this written by Angela Duckworth, The Power of Passion and Perseverance.
But my take on this is—just don’t stop.
You already imagined the life you’ve always longed for, set yourself up to execute on it, only to destroy this dream just by stopping?
If you did your homework, you will be self-motivated but if preparedness doesn’t, then do whatever it takes to motivate you.
Have an accountability partner, have support from a family, a friend or whoever knows you well and will tell you if you’re bullshitting already.
Read a book, a blog, a youtube video to jumpstart you.
But be sure not to get stuck on the motivation part and stay there.
Snap out of it and continue on.
Inch by inch you will see progress and take that inch to get that extra inch more and you will see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow shining brightly. Then you will remember why you started in the first place
and live.

Rather than regretting not starting or regretting stopping.

There is nobody stopping you except

Next blog will be about you and your decisions.
I don’t know what and how yet but the topic will be about ‘deciding’

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