Work Hard Play Hard or Pay Now Play Later?

Now that's a loaded question.  
How do you play this life game?
First off, what's the difference between WHPH and PNPL?
Work Hard, Play Hard
WHPH is a cycle.  You work hard then you play hard.  It's great! You reap what you sow, immediately.
For example: An Employee. 
You know that in the very near future you'll enjoy the blood, sweat and tears you are slavering yourself for.  Your near-sighted goal. 
People who Work Hard, Play Hard are the ones who say "Life is short, live it."
In a different light, it's for the dying. 
The real danger here is working hard then playing hardER because you start negative on the following cycle. 
Pay Now, Play Later
PNPL is a one way street.  You pay the price today but in the long run you stop the paying and playing season starts. It's awesome!  You reap what you sow, in time. 
For example: A Farmer. 
You understand that the process of paying (farming) involves risks of unforeseen events yet you are motivated with a vision of a huge harvest. So huge you actually won't have to work for a longer time.  You're far-sighted goal. 
People who Pay Now, Play Later are the ones who say "Life is long, prepare for it"
In a different light, it's for the dreamer. 
The ultimate mistake to make here is to try to eliminate risks.
Because it cannot be done. 
Manage risks not eliminate.
And managing risks is art in itself. 
What should we choose then?
Are you near-sighted or far-sighted?
Why not make it a mix?
Find the balance in both. 
Live your life in the present but not disregarding your future.  
Be Goal Oriented. 
Know why and the how will come to you. 
Just have patience. 
At the end of the day, do whatever works for you and don't listen to me. 
You really don't have to choose between column A or Column B. 
Do whatever makes you happy. 
Just don't complain after playing hard or playing later because it's still better than not playing at all. 
"Smart work will never replace hard work, it only supplements it."
--Gary Vaynerchuk

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