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JP Adena, May 17 2020


HOW  TO: Find your Passion?

I don't know.  But let me ask you some questions to help you.  Because only YOU can find it.  By the way, you won't actually find your passion, it is revealed to you.  You discover it.

So let me change the title to "3 Questions to Ask to Discover Your Passion"

Let's begin.

Question Number 1: What would you do if you can do it all the time?

Imagine won the lottery and you already have the money to buy things, pay for every bill, for all insurances, for all the luxury you can imagine, and you also can pay for your family.  What will you be doing next?

That's your passion.

For me, it's Story Telling or communication.  In tagalog, madaldal ako.  Mahilig mag kwento.

My brother just told me yesterday that --it's ok not to talk sometimes.  It's ok that in a room with people, it is not my responsibility to be the ice breaker.  He said if may dumaan na anghel (Filipino idiomatic expression that means there is lull in the conversation), I don't have to fill in the gap.

Yet, I always feel the need to talk, to tell a story, to break the ice and more often I do.  And if you really know me, you know I always talk with sense.  I even feel the need, insist sometimes, on you facing me and not just nod long with my storytelling.  Maybe that's why kids tend to play/talk with me more than adults because they know I always have a story to tell and I will always give them play time.  This passion is revealed by people close to me and some self discovery.

What would you do if you can do it all the time?  If this first question did not discover your passion or you thought you did, made a business behind it and it did not work and you stopped because you discovered that that's not really your passion?  Then sit back, relax! (The next part happened to me)

Watch a relaxingly positive movie. Or a hard core drama and cry your ass off to release the tension of a failed venture.  Then, forget the "hurt" but do not forget the most important part--how were you able to survive? That's the question to ask and then go to the no. 2 question which is

2. What do you do when you're not working?

It's essentially the same question but let's dive deeper.

I am writing this May 17, 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic and if you are one of the lucky ones who are not sick, dead or dying, start something, do something or make something.  Start anything if you're not struggling and you can help people.  Or you're struggling but you are so positive and optimistic that you want to help people. Or you are down in life but instead of dwelling on the situation you just want to help people because it makes you feel better.  Or you've removed all the laziness in your body and you've had enough couch time.  I am emphasizing all of these reasons but please know that I do not view all of these in a negative light.  You have all the right to be lazy, to be sad, to be down, to be positive, to be optimistic, to be negative.  Think of any good reason not to act at this time--you still have the right.  And all of your reasons are valid but one thing you can't deny is you have time.

You have time.  This is one of the rare times in the history of the world wherein you can do whatever you want.  Literally (and this is also one of the few times this word actually means it), quite literally, you will be able to do whatever you want right now.  This is the best time to discover what it is you want to do, your purpose in life and for your passion to finally be revealed.

"Your Passion is the talent that you decided." --JP Adena

Not the talent you are focusing on because people are watching. Not because your mother told you. Not because your society told you. Not because you told yourself you will do it and everyone heard and you are just too proud not to quit because you told them.

Failure is an option. But you really only 'Truly Fail' when you stop.

What I am saying is you can change your mind, your passion is singing but you found out that after 10,000 hours of practicing did not do you good, then you went to dancing and you did great with it.  At last, you've found it.  Your passion is dancing then you got injured and realized that there is a finish line to this race.  So what now?  

It's ok to change your mind and decide again in discovering your passion.  The next talent you will put the next 10,000 hours of practice into.  Yet you don't know what to do next?

So we go to Question Number 3 which is

3. Repeat.

Be resilient.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard".

You lose when you complain. What to do?

Take Action. Do something about it.

You can complain one time, that's a pass to let everyone know then do something about it. 

Go ahead and fix it or work towards fixing it.

Until it's done.

Bonus Step in Discovering your Passion: ASK

Ask people close to you on activities they see you most smile about, think about or talk about. For sometimes the thing you love doing is invisible to you but very much exposed to people around you. So ASK them.


There is no passion too simple, no passion too grand.

The most important is you ask yourself or the people very close to you and then discover it.

Written by

JP Adena