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JP Adena helps overseas Filipinos come home: A recent balikbayan (former OFW--Overseas Filipino Worker), former performing artist (dance) in Hong Kong for 11 years and most importantly, JP is a family man.  

Now, he manages JP Adena, Inc. (jpadena.com), one of the fastest growing personal brand and media platform which promotes entrepreneurship amongst OFWs to help them come HOME--for good.  

JP is also the host of a progressive podcast OFWpreneurs which is about Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas.   This podcast is a collection of inspiring individuals who went with the OFW fastlane of being an entrepreneur and motivate you to do the same.

JP is a volunteer Financial Literacy Speaker for OWWA-POLO Hong Kong under the tutelage of Floi Wycoco, founder of the The Global Filipino Investors in which JP is the country community head for Hong Kong.

Finally, the Office of the Vice President Leni Robredo featured some of the extraordinary stories of hope of our kababayans living and working in Hong Kong. Joining her are three of   #IstoryaNgPagasa champions, John Paul “JP” Adena, Emmanuel “Manny” Portugal, and Daddy Leo Selomenio.  JP performs at Hong Kong Disneyland and is the co-owner of GoGoBaon, a food delivery service specializing in affordable Filipino food.

JP is an OFWpreneur himself.




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HOW  TO: Find your Passion?                                     I don't know.  But let me ask you some questions to help you.  Because only YOU can find it.  By the way, you won't actually find your passion, it is revealed to you.  You discover it.  So let me change the title to---          "3 Questions to Ask to Discover YourPassion"  Let's begin.

Let's answer "WHY" first!

Entrepreneurs earn PROFIT from selling products and/or services. Employees gets a SALARY from selling the entrepreneur's products and/or services.       Choose wisely.  There's no wrong answer                             --Profit or Salary?

Nowadays, when you ask a Filipino child what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up, the answer usually revolves around being an OFW.  That's because most Filipino adults dream is to be an OFW.  

Here are 3 Surefire Ways to Stay as an OFW for a very, very, very long time.